OSP is a lightweight, highly reliable communication protocol used mostly in communication between IoT (internet of Things) devices and a server.

Hardware devices developed and marketed by Optin Kft. use this protocol, because it provides numerous solutions for the arrival of critical packages, reduces the number of lost packages and support resend of lost packages. Because of its simplicity, it is suitable for devices with very limited resources, since it minimizes data sent through the network. Its use is recommended in the communication of data collecting and controlling devices, since it supports dense sampling and is ideal for event driven communication. Furthermore, the protocol supports interactive maintenance, remote control and update

OSP is an open protocol, which can be freely used and implemented by anyone, as long as the user fulfils the requirements of Optin Kft. These conditions are in the full description of the downloadable specification. The datatype definitions that are used in devices and applications developed by Optin Kft. can be found under the Optin specific packets.

OSPsecure (OSP2) is an improved version of OSP based on the same principals. It was created to support safe methods of communication. This version supports authentication of clients and the server, encryption of data in the packages by cryptographic solutions, thus provides defense against most attacks, keeping in mind the limited resources.

It is important to notice that OSP and OSP2 are not compatible with each other, but a server can communicate using both by storing the connection settings of each devices, allowing communication that was only.