The recent trends in Internet usage made our company decide to get into the web development business. Thanks to our highly experienced team we provide web-services from basic websites to complex web stores and mobile applications.
Today more than 3 billion people have Internet access. This number makes it that more important for companies to have a well-formed, custom-made website. Our team grants you the opportunity to have just that.

From the concept to the finished product

Like every development process, website development starts also with the planning and specification phase. We provide creative ideas along the customers' concepts to create the foundation of the project. If the client has no solid concept our team will gladly suggest constructive ideas in order to create a truly valuable and useful web presence together.

Content and design

We will encompass the content with modern typography and harmonic colorpalette based on the companie's brand. Our goal is to create a website that is lightweight, comfortable and still has a unique, functional design.

Responsive design

Eversince the spread of smartphones it has became a trend and an expectation for websites to be as well-handled on smaller screens as on larger monitors or even in 4K resolution. Even the number of website visits from mobile devices has exceeded the amount of those from a PC.

One of our main policy is to exploit every possibilities in responsive design. Every on of our product is optimized to every screen size and resolution available on the market.

Flexible, multilanguage websites

It is a common expectations from companies around the world to have their websites in multiple languages. The Content Management Systems we like to use give you great control over the contents of every language you would want to use on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

It is not enough to have a great website, it should also be shown to the world! For this it is necessary to have an excellent SEO. We will help you to gain the best possible place at three biggest search engines' (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) result list.

Content Management

It is the website that conveys the most relevant and interesting information that is the best. This makes it that more important to change and refresh the content of the website from time to time. You can entrust us with this task or you will be able to easily change your content on the administrator page of your site.

Non-stop support

The Content Management Systems we like to employ is Open Source and community-based. This way you can be confident to have an always up-to-date code base under your site which we also check regularly.