MiniMo is a transportation management system that enables transport organizers and freighters to deal with hundreds of logistical problems in a simple, elegant way. Our application solves the problems of managing insufferable amounts of excel tables and databases while providing the oppurtinity to narrow down the margin of error. The system is capable of recording and monitoring the fleet and the drivers, generating route plans, tracking the vehicles via our mobile application and following the cargo's loading and unloading.

Less administration

After uploading the tasks (excel, csv, your own database) the automatic construction of the route plans takes only a few seconds and can be adjusted flexibly. Information about the plans fulfillment can easily be stored and can be reported automatically for the consigners. The clients can see their package at any time and the recipients can get to know the time of acceptance in advance.

Faster delivery

With the help of our application the construction of the route plans becomes significantly faster and much more transparent. Using our route optimization algorithms the course can be significantly shorter.

Full control

Our mobile client on the driver's phone helps managing tasks, creating photo-based documentations while the packages and the vehicle's position can be tracked throughout the delivery.