Our company’s hardware division provides extensive, first-rate services in the development and production phases of an electronic product ranging from the creation of the specification through the construction of the prototype to the mass production. Be it a unique circuit board, a device for mass production or an industrial grade ECU, if you have an idea and you need professional experts simply contact us – and we will make your ideas come true!

The development phase of a product consists of the following steps:

  • Functional specification
  • Circuit diagram, component catalog, cost calculations
  • Designing the printed circuit board
  • Prototype production
  • Testing
  • Firmware development
  • Documentations
  • Mass production

We take great pride in the fact, that our hardware team can help you all along the way through the above mentioned steps! Every idea has the potential to blow up to be the greatest thing in your life – even the simplest ones. But if you need help, support, advice you can contact us any time at hwdev@optin.hu.