Unparalleled in services and possibilities the ONGUARD security system will simply amaze you with the quality and adaptive capabilities this service can offer. The ONGUARD web application, from the users point of view, is basically a user-friendly online interface, that makes sure your car is always safe and notifies you instantly when something out of the ordinary happens to it. However, as you will see, there is much more to it.

Since you found us you are quite certainly looking for a device and a service that makes sure that your vehicle will always be safe. Placing your trust in a device for a job like that can't be easy. That is why our team is constantly working on new features, new possibilities and new methods that will guarantee the safety of your or your family's vehicles while making your life much simpler and easier. So what is this system really about?

Our goal was to create a light-weight, intuitive, user-friendly interface with all the necessary information easily available. Thanks to the modern technologies, our application can be reached from anywhere. Whether you are using desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, all you will need is an internet connection and a browser. After a short registration (which can happen via an existing Google or Facebook account) every function will be available and every information will be visible within a few clicks.

So how does this work?

Take an IRIS.base on-board unit, or an Android phone with the ONGUARD Tracker installed. Every attribute and every action (we call these events) that is set-up to be registered (for example: velocity, position, impact and so on) is recorded and sent to our servers. The ONGUARD application, in turn, displays these events in a lively, user-friendly interface while making them readable, analysable and exportable - all of these in your personal taste and desires.

Why do you need it?

For two reasons: security and data collection: and the best thing is that these come bundled together. Hoping that your car won't be targeted by thieves is quite brave - and honestly deeply irresponsible. To keep your vehicle safe you would want to know every relevant detail about it and want to be notified at the exact moment when something out of the ordinary happens to it.

By using ONGUARD...

  • You will now exactly when, where and how long your vehicles have been.
  • You get instant notification, when your vehicle is moved or gets in an accident.
  • You can get a clear picture about everything that happened to your vehicles for months in the past.
  • You can generate statements about the routes.