Optin Rollup

Optin Kft. is an information technology research and development company, which develops innovative technical solutions primarily in the fields of logistics, medical technology, environmental analysis and IoT, keeping in mind the individual needs of the partners. Our company's emphasized business aim is to secure a leading role in the aforementioned fields. Over the last few years we have managed to start numerous developments in these areas and held a key role in several EU Research and Development projects.

Optin Kft. has good connections with University of Pannonia, University of Szeged and Budapest University of Technology and Economics thanks to founder, Dr. Zoltán Kovács (Software Designer - Mathematician and professor at the University of Szeged). These relations make it possible for us to work in close collaboration with professors and researchers in our projects. Over the years our software- and hardware development teams have evolved into an effective, agile group trying to find the simplest, most elegant solutions. We bring in new, talented team-members constantly from the universities through our internship program.

Our knowledge-base has grown with valuable information and experiences through our finished and on-going projects in fields, like:

  • transportation management
  • route optimization, resource allocation
  • medical device development
  • smart city, smart home
  • measurement and data acquisition
  • IoT
  • embedded hardware and software development

The solutions offered by OPTIN provide the perfect platform for our clients to make their operations easier and to rely on our company as a reliable, solid partner over the years.