The IRIS.base on-board unit can precisely and securely monitor and track various objects, like vehicles or assets, that’s position or their condition is important for the user. The ONGUARD Tracker expands the on-board unit’s range of services. It makes the use of our ONGUARD web application more comfortable and with the built-in tracker function the application offers the simplest and cheapest way to track yourself.


The main opportunity of this application is in the possibility to try out our security service for free, while still being able to track your movements and use every fun and useful function our app provides for you. You can register on this page and try out our groundbreaking innovation, the ONGUARD security system.

Fueling recording

The greatest strength of this function makes itself visible when our system is used with our IRIS.base on-board unit. You can commit the type, quantity, unit price and the gas-station after fueling. Above all this we can save the position of the fueling and send the information to us, making sure that they will be available in the webapplication's Log, can be seen on the map and are available to exportation.

Photo uploads

The saying states that "a picture is worth a thousand words". Since the goal of the ONGUARD application is to log every event, we thought that the best complement for the data from the sensors would be the photos you can take. In extreme cases, for example at car accidents, it can be highly useful, if we can register the events with pictures. The photos taken with the ONGUARD Mobile app are stored with the location of their creation, we can also add comments, and search for them later on in the Log of the application, while also view them on the map.